• Team member, RDCK Climate Action Team
    RDCK Climate Action Team
    We support climate action & resilience planning for the RDCK.
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    Hi - We are the Climate Action Team for the RDCK. It is an evolving group but some key constant members include:

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  • CS
    Community Sustainability Living Advisory Committee
    The Community Sustainability Living Advisory Committee (CSLAC) is a committee of the RDCK Board that meets six times a year (February, April, June, August, October) to discuss and explore sustainability ideas for the region. @ RDCK

    For the next months, CSLAC will also be advising on the communication and engagement of RDCK Climate Actions. Staff will be providing updates at the August and October meeting for Committees members to discuss. Residents are welcome to attend and are invited to ask questions during public time. Find out more here.

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